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NAUMON floating transcultural micronation

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| La Fura dels Baus present: SUB spectacle 2m under the water

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La Fura dels Baus present: SUB spectacle 2m under the water



Duration: 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Places limited to 500 people SUB

... Submundo, underground, underwater, the world dark and clandestine world of crushed and dominated by the rules and technique, which for the same reason jealously guard some secret and protected within them a spark of life. SUB is a staging of the contradictory forces of man. Its permanent temptation of domination and manipulation that you drag it inevitably to the destruction of nature and himself. But the great drive of life which houses within it, often in spite of himself, as a small flame hidden in the darkness lurking next rebirth. In these times in which the acidic news of wars and ecological disaster not stop raining over our heads, it is not ascend to heaven but everything contarrio go to the matrix of the earth to find a refuge there, reconciliation, a prayer ...

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The man lives abducted by a destructive spiral that covers the irrational exploitation of resources and their own annihilation as a species. A lot of cannibalism that is not likely to end, according to the present political and social situation. To stage such concerns, La Fura, - a company since its inception spurred by the inconformismo-, has had to invent its own cosmos and pervertirlo, viciarlo after. The great feature is that the assembly process has been developed in the hold of a metal boat: the ideal formula to isolate itself to viewers of any reality that is not the immediate, alienate them, as it does with every individual - every citizen in society that falls.

The Naumón is an old Norwegian icebreaker that La Fura bought in 2003 "for the price of scrap" into a "floating" scenario that would allow them to develop such a sensitive task for distorting his ideas. The public is forced to stand down to a few meters below the water line. There, on the set of their bowels, blinded by darkness, thanks to the company, participants are immersed literally in a world disconnected from the earth, forged metal ribs and "scars of time."

Technical details:

ACTORS: Zamira Pasceri, Samuel Delgado, Oumar Doumboaya and Younes Bachir


TECHNICAL sound: Fco Javier Ramirez

MUSIC: J S. Bach, Big Toxic and Oumar Doumboaya

TEXTS: Ahmed Ghazali and Rafael Argullol

ADDRESS ESCENICA: Younes Bachir and Carlus Padrissa

CREW: captain: Francesc Oliberes (security) chief Francisco Arroyo (security) Official machines: Francis Rodrigez (driver) and Enrique Garces

Directors of the Fura dels Baus are: Miki Espuma, Pep Gatell, Jürgen Muller, Alex Ollé, Carlus Padrissa i Pera Tantiñá


CRITICIZES THE VOICE OF SUB CADIZ Antítesis cruise. La Fura confirms her talent for provocation with 'SUB', the assembly introduced yesterday in Cadiz. IMPÚDICO. La Fura implemented a spectacle descarnado.Con a group which has created a brand name and legend time, it has sublimed provocation to turn it into a screen where you can hang any message, it is best to let go. Most viewers tempted to seek a meaning to each image, to find a common thread to become dash all the excesses that have seen, to seek a sentence with which hold a conversation at the outlet, but this it is like a song in another language, such as a table, as a dress, like a landscape. Convey or not. Conmueve or indifferent. The 500 fortunate that could see yesterday the two passes were frightened, it asquearon and worried from beginning to end. So the company triumphed again. In feel, cabrearse, acojonarse or concern was not to understand or rationalize. La Fura del Baus offered last night in Cadiz two passes one of his last shows, SUB, and showed that he has kept intact the ability to impress you become a reference for the European avant-garde theater back in the 80. On board the old ship Naumón, saved from scrapping to return to life as a floating theater, the actors of the company Catalan feel a sus anchas between such narrowness. Bajan public by the hand, as ushers, flashlights, the winery (slightly smaller than a basketball court), allegedly herrumbrosa but with a strength and technical tramoya who would like half of Spaniards conventional theaters. In this claustrophobic scene live interpreters and receivers, predisposed to respingo right from the start, yet I impressed upon each step in a show that barely exceeds 60 minutes. Souls in penalty. Without spare audiovisual resources (screens at each end) and scenic, viewers begin sitting on the floor, but soon they stand to move from one side to another, looking for actors, huyéndoles, fearing they salpiquen water, paint, urine from atrezzo and souls in fingidas penalty. The dramatic action is happening on the walls from the roof to flush soil, in a premeditated darkness, when it rotates. La Fura get at the outset that the spectators, as players, feel imprisoned in the belly of a ship, as if they were slaves or Roman sub-Saharan immigrants crammed into a freighter. They talk, or write them on the screens, infections, diseases, rape, starvation and exploitation. Among those attending appear daunting slave, uploaded to stilts as metal legs of a diabolical goat, which treated like cattle attendees. Those who are rebelling (actors posing as public) are hung naked (literally) from a rope that falls from the ceiling. It sounds Bach in a body and the beauty of the music even more highlights the horror that is contemplated, like blood stresses more on white gloves. Prime overturning the heart and the first of those indelible images, which have only overwhelming value (synonymous with courage, but also of talent) to a company in such a scenic and creative level. In Phase average assembly eyes again lifted. Two players struggling in the air and, on one wall, there is a human fish bowl, with the size of a window, in which one and a van entering interpreters, plus angustiar, just bathed in blood and not in water. In substance, a speech that seems declamar a character in Orwell, remember that human beings descend from a fish that ever jumped in the water. Second message: we are not anyone. That is to say, equal to the first. Or no message? Indifferent. The staff gives pasitos shorts and nerve on one side or another, to see, to flee, to discuss and vomit tension with words. The next piece fitting, the concatenated performances, talks about the waste of natural resources. The water is running out. Screens and speakers have a story in Australia in the near future. The holy liquid has been completed and governments ordered consuming any type of wastewater, previously treated with a pill water treatment. That discursito, which could be in topicazo ecologist for tribes culturetas acquires another dimension for La Fura del Baus. An actor pulls out his penis on stage, before all present and without any waiting (need to be a great actor to do so), mea within a carafe. Then he throws the puck water treatment, it places a hose and starts regarla on other interpreters, or those through, begging for a drop of liquid to survive. Message possible, as we well end up eating rocks and drinking from it. Claustrofóbico. At that point, with one scene after another, sometimes simultaneously at both ends of the cave, the enthusiasm has been overwhelmed. The most claustrofóbicos and impressionable, have taken refuge; others, the majority, desenfunda mobile phones, cameras and everything else that you have on hand to capture images that are only occur, which are only capable of performing, the likes of which forms the Fura, in a book that, incidentally, is a display of fitness and athletics theater. There is still more. To display the last image on the human degradation, we are rewarded with one another, about what we can expect if not amended, three of the actors are packed in vacuum. The term is also literally. With bags two meters high by a wide, the interpreters are wrapped in transparent bags asking them eliminates the air, as if they were fourth and half of chopped turkey. Is Message? Neither idea but short breath, amazed that they have occurred, causing the applause as implemented so far-fetched idea. They can afford everything, it will never cease to surprise. Wetted, stained and scared spectators rise to the surface. Back is the cellar of horror in which everyone has seen new images, however, recall old nightmares: slavery, executions, humiliation, exploitation That individual choice.?

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